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FEEDING GROUND _ Press and Reviews

This post will be treated as a catch-all for links to online interviews, criticism, and feedback regarding our first comic mini-series FEEDING GROUND. Click on the hotlinks for the full text and please feel free to let us know of any we've missed.
AIN'T IT COOL NEWS - By Ambush Bug
July 2011

One of our favorite critics, and a storyteller in his own right (check out his totally unique Vampire series Nanny & Hank), Ambush Bug sat down with us during SDCC back in 2010. Publishing his interview one year later has offered us a great perspective on how far the project has come.

INTERVIEW - (excerpt) - " original and extremely well crafted take on werewolves and the Mexican border."

GEEKS OF DOOM - By The Insomniac
April 2011

The Insomniac had a chance to sit down with the first four issues of the book and offered this thoughtful review.

REVIEW - (excerpt) - "Feeding Ground is a top rate comic and unique idea."


FANGORIA - By Jorge Sollis
April 2011

Fangoria is considered by many to be the bible of horror news and reviews. They've been doing it for over thirty years. We were deeply honored to receive this excellent review.

REVIEW - (excerpt) - "Readers will no doubt be discussing their opinion on the topics lurking within the pages. Comic book fans are given a chance to think and be entertained at the same time." 


THE PULLBOX - By Eric @The
March 2011

After a conversation with Chris Mangun at C2E2, Eric penned this excellent review of FEEDING GROUND.

REVIEW- (excerpt) - "...the emotion and characters are so solid and genuine that they should not be overlooked when reading the entire tale.  Even in light of the conflict in-between border patrols and out of control lycanthropes."

MTV GEEK - By Charles Webb
January 2011

Swifty had a chance to chat about FEEDING GROUND with then newly-launched MTV Geek. With a veritable roster of comic powerhouses, it was an honor to be included at the party, even briefly. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

INTERVIEW - (excerpt)- "...The idea of transformation, the most integral part of the monster, struck me as something not only corollary but, integral to the crosser’s journey of seeking out a new life... How does one survive and what is their reason to continue?



REVIEW - (excerpt) - "Quality book, I give it 5 stars across the board and am eagerly awaiting future issues. Thanks Archaia for turning out great book after great book."

THE OUTHOUSE - "Fourthman Reviews" by Lee Newman
November, 2010

REVIEW - (excerpt) - "It's a blessing that Archaia and other companies are out there exploring the boundaries of the medium – just like the indie films and book publishers do for the more mainstream media outlets."

COMIC RELATED - "Why I Love Comics" by Eric Ratcliffe
October, 2010

Eric has written some of my favorite reviews of some of my favorite comics (Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Sweets) and now he puts words to FEEDING GROUND #1. I especially appreciate how he related to our presentation of family in the book.

REVIEW - (excerpt) - "My verdict is that if you enjoy books that explore the human condition as well as add plenty of mystery and a little bit of suspense/action I really think you'll enjoy this. I can happily say I have no idea where they are taking this but I sure as hell am in for the ride! "


October, 2010

The premiere website for fan culture gave an amazing post-NY Comic Con review of Issue 1, calling the book "one of the cooler books of the con" and "unique in almost every way." REVIEW - (excerpt) - "Take my word for it, seek out FEEDING GROUND. It works as a political commentary ripped from the headlines as well as a nail biting horror/thriller. Highly recommended."


October, 2010

All three of us were featured guests on this weekly pop culture radio show. Great banter and a casual conversation with the guys about NY Comic Con and our pop culture influences.




October, 2010

This little local rag did a feature on "comic-related gems" in NYC and included Bergen Street Comics in Park Slope Brooklyn and a pic of our FEEDING GROUND launch at the shop. The store is the closest thing we have to a Comics' Salon frequented by professionals and an educated and enthusiastic readership. And, it's a great-looking space to boot.



September, 2010
Andrew at Werewolf News is someone who is about as informed and passionate about all things werewolf as you can get. He was cool to feature us on his site both in an introductory post and probing Q&A that delved into the nature of the contemporary werewolf myth we are in the process of revealing.

INTRO - (excerpt) - "The Wrong Night in Texas told its werewolves-in-the-desert story with manic energy, but every panel of Feeding Ground is a slow burn. The heat, desperation and simmering violence of the Busqueda family’s world is evident in every stroke of Lapinski’s artwork and word of Lang’s writing."

Q&A - (excerpt) - "While our comic acknowledges a rich back-story of the historic collision of pre-Columbian and European myths present in this region our comic is set firmly in the present. It deals more with modern themes such as Capitalism, which has created new circumstances for both the rich and the poor and thus requires new acts of rebellion, new kinds of myths."

Also great feedback from a reader who commented "Consider me sold, guys. Even more than concept or artwork, seeing the amount of thought you’ve put into your work has got me eager to read." ------------------------------------------------------

THE INK PANTHERS SHOW - Episode #53 August, 2010
Already a fan of the podcast (a "fanther") Michael has the chance to guest star with cartoonists/ hosts Mike Dawson and Alex Robinson and chat about veganism, San Diego Comic Con, and the origins of Swifty Lang.




July, 2010
Our first bit of coverage came in the form of an interview and early review from The Comic Box, William Kulesa's weekly comic feature in The Jersey Journal and on Michael had the chance to shout out a number of influences and supportive folk and the review let us know that the material was on the right track in terms of the particular type of horror we were gunning for.

Interview with Michael - (excerpt) - "Any work of horror needs to have a central anxiety. In this case it’s the inability to provide for your family. Regardless of your feelings about the politics of the region, the central truth is rooted in people on both sides of the border merely trying to get by despite all of the forces conspiring against them."
Review - (excerpt) - "True horror is far greater than the fear of a monster or even something so simple as death. It is this encompassing of innumerable meanings of horror that "Feeding Ground" does so well, even in the first issue."

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