Thursday, July 7, 2011

CLIFFHANGERS - Floppies vs. The Trade

FG issue 5 is on the stands! We have been hard at work perfecting the Graphic Novel that is slated for release October 2011 at NYCC. One thing that has become clear is that there is a new appreciation for the book now that more of the story is available.

FG is a story to be enjoyed and debated about as a complete series. Though it was released with episodic, cliffhangers in mind, it was conceived of as a complete narrative. One cannot appreciate the nuance or scope of the tale without the ENTIRE story on hand. The question of the narrative value of the floppy vs. the trade is one publishers, artists, and fans have been contemplating for years. Our publisher Archaia has clearly taken a stand as all of their forthcoming titles are stand-alone Trades.

Below are some recent reviews that reflect this observation.

Here is an excellent, very thoughtful review courtesy of the Comic Pull Box. They called FG, "A brilliant thinker worth reading all at once!"

The bible of horror magazines, Fangoria, had a lot of love for FEEDING GROUND. Check out Jorge Solis' review:

Despite weighing in on some of the controversy depicting Michael Lapinski's bold reimagining of the werewolf (we couldn't be prouder of Mike's work), Geeks of Doom gave FEEDING GROUND an excellent write-up:

Consider the floppies a hot collectible because of the bi-lingual flipbook, and the pin-ups that you can't find in any other edition.  Issues 5&6 will be at SDCC (along with the entire FG Team), so make sure to swing by the Archaia booth and snag your copy!!


- Swifty

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